We take great pride in having earned a solid reputation across Western Canada. Our clients represent a broad range of industries including commercial, institutional, residential, industrial, transportation, hospitality, government, corporate, health care, and condo boards, and have come to rely upon and choose CSG because we:

  • provide information and calculations that aide in the development of new economic strategies;
  • reinforce decision-making during planning and when exploring alternatives;
  • improve the viability of the existing operations;
  • add real value to the process of planning and managing new developments;
  • deliver highly specialized knowledge and experience in facility economics;
  • can assess and evaluate costs, revenues, and time frames across a range of scenarios including new development, re-development, operations and maintenance;
  • enable project owners by providing information that is critical to the decision-making process and management tools that reinforce cost effective action and outcomes.

In simple terms, we make a strong commitment toward our clients and projects—to ensure the the achievement of desired results.